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I'm Ugandan and I'm a

I developed passion for building websites after my first semester at university after learning HTML and CSS. Since then i have continued to upgrade my knowledge in web development. i have have done this by learning new programming languages.My goal is to develop responsive quality websites with SEO ranking for companies and businesses hence increasing there sales.

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My services

Web Design

I create websites and build already existing websites making them user friendly and attractive to the human eye


I can manage and grow social media platforms by making sure their products of content reaches and influences the right audience

Graphic Design

i create unique visual concepts that can be used to communicate ideas in a way that captures the attention of the customers

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My skills

HTML 80%
CSS 80%
JavaScript 80%
React Js 70%
Vue Js 60%
Node js 60%
PHP 50%
mongoDB 70%
Photoshop 65%
Wordpress 65%

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Ainembabazi Nicholas
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